Kross EP

KROSS EP (2012)
Label : No Brainer

Costello nails it – as jumpy as Kris Kross. ‘Kross’ is where it’s at. After dropping tunes on Southern Fried and Boxon, this is the Frenchman’s bloody debut on No Brainer Records. No doubt a real dancefloor massacre. Just as brutally functional as a screwdriver in the eye. Roby Howler (Top Billin) delivers one of his best remixes to date. Think Prince 2025 being on hold for 5 minutes, trying to reach his lover and jamming on his laptop – tropical gabberfunk. I Need? (GND Records) yeah you do need! Slightly deeper and more Techno then the original but still a party tune par excellence. Press play: no further explanation necessary. Dunjinz (Silver Wave) goes down the broken path. This hysterical hyperactive rhythm screams for strobelights. As pushy as 23 cups of coffee per hour. Heart-attack style. You gotta embrace it. With ‘Circle’ Costello delivers the ultimate Roundup. A killer that leaves the good guys standing or was it the genetically enhanced? Either way. This is future in the now so who cares. Well if you do, let’s just say ‘Circle’ is a phenomenal final chord.


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