Malt – Acid Pub (Costello Remix)

Malt – Acid Pub
(Costello Remix)
Label : Leisure Sports Records

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COSTELLO is a prime representation of the young techno ingenuity that has been pouring out of France for the past several years. This techno aficionado is certainly not a newcomer to the production world, having released an arsenal’s worth of originals and remixes on labels such as BNR TRAX, Bad Life, No Brainer, and Midnight Munchies, in addition to the many mixes and live sets he continuously offers up on his SoundCloud. His Taurus and Pegasus BNR EPs launched him onto the techno elite’s radar and gave us a proper introduction to his riotous, whirling, energetic, and otherworldly electronic sound stylings. More recently, his signature maniacal brand of dancefloor brilliance was recruited for a remix of Anna Lunoe & Sleepy Tom’s “Pusher” – and he absolutely knocked it out of the park, as he tends to do. COSTELLO definitely has an enviable inclination and futuristic musical prowess that has since resulted in a whirlwind of modernized, razor-sharp, metallically texturized techno wonder.

We have a delicious techno treat premiering for you today, but it falls in a slightly different end of this producer/DJ’s musical galaxy. Released on Leisure Sports, COSTELLO’s remix of Malt’s “Acid Pub” is part of his ongoing venture into new atmospheres, experimenting with new sounds, new styles, and new ways of production. Starting off with dark, eerily-tinged drum patterns, the track briskly floats into airy vocal sample repetitions and vintage organ-like chord progressions. The constellation of synthesized sounds are immaculately clear and intricately detailed, dancing atop layers of delicate percussion elements and a bold, fat bassline. Vibrations of glossy electronic sounds vacillate for the duration, culminating into a progressively more sophisticated and meticulous creation.

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