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New track « Orion » on BNRTRAX

covbnr50fullBNR TRAX celebrates it’s 50th release of the Boysnoize Records’ DJ-oriented sister label with a refreshingly curated compilation that spans deep house to jacking techno without sounding disjointed.

In fact, the compilation could be the tracklist for a perfect mix in itself, with rough and restrained percussive cuts from BS1, Costello, Deapmash, Yonkers Tale and Hoshina Anniversary giving way to Madame, Mathis Ruffing, Sister City and label veteran Housemeister’s deep acid explorations.


Jensen Interceptor, Nehuen, Suerte, and Supra provide energetic high points of powerfully dark 303 bangers, rounding out a collection of essential tools effective for any peak or valley of a well crafted set. In an increasingly polarized electronic music landscape of hyperbole versus asceticism, the BNR TRAX 50th release serves as a perfect example of a “third way”: get in the zone, trust the acid, and never stop jacking.



Suerte – Hotline Fling
Deapmash – Tribal
Costello – Orion
Yonkers Tale – Helion
Jensen Interceptor – Lean Before The Interview (Feat. Assembler Code)
Nehuen – Acid Nation
Housemeister – Arranger
Sister City – 1103
Madame – Contact w Deapmash
BS1 – The Devil
Hoshina Anniversary – Soy
Supraman – Coolant Acid
Mathis Ruffing – Code Of Chianti (Hardfloor Mix)

Release Date: December 9th

Cat# : BNRTRAX050

Get it here : http://smarturl.it/BNRTRAX50

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Rémy Costello